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We are Family Owned and Operated. We Have Been in Every Aspect of the Transmission and Automotive Repair Business for Over 35 Years. We Understand What it Means to Work Hard For a Living. Our Company was Born of a Desire to Provide an Honest, Fair and Professional Service to Our Fellow Americans.

Why Choose Us

Our company is not a large chain, so you can expect service with a personal touch. We work to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Fair and Honest

Here at Elite we care about the Quality of work as well as Fair Pricing for all your Automotive needs. At Elite Transmissions we don't sell you what you don't need, You Simply Can't Beat Elite. Call us for an Appointment Today. 817-861-6797

  • Attention to Detail

    Our team does not lose sight of the little things. From the smallest auto parts to the largest transmission repairs, we work quickly but carefully to provide outstanding results.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    We listen to our customers and take pride in understanding what they need and making sure they get it. There is nothing more rewarding than having satisfied customers and building a long-term business relationship with them.


My car,'99 BMW 323i, needed so many things (i.e. several belts, water pump, thermostat, vacuum hose...just to name a few) and they only charged a fraction of the cost. Not only did they offer EXCEPTIONAL customer service, my repairs were also completed in a timely manner. My second vehicle is now running and I'm elated. They saved me a boatload of money not having to go to the dealership!!! Thanks Derrick!!


Aug 01, 2016

To anyone looking to have your transmission worked on. Take it to Elite Transmissions Shop in Arlington Texas. These people are honest, trustworthy, and sincere. Upon entering the shop you will feel at ease and soon find out they are not trying to make big money off of you but will find the problem and repair it at a reasonable rate. I went there expecting to pay 2000 dollars as I had been told this by other repair shops only to end up paying 165 dollars. My vehicle now runs great and the service was excellent. Go there you will be amazed.

Curtis Cantley

July 23, 2013

The one thing a single woman MUST have... An HONEST Mechanic!! I think that Derrick and His Family are the absolute BEST !! I have had Many major repairs from new transmissions, brakes and A/C and I have all the trust in the world for the people at Elite Trans. I would not trust anyone else to fix my Van! Thank God for these people and their ability to fix it and do an excellent job. I recommend them highly!!!

Theresa Escue

July 02, 2013

 I want to say that whenever you need good quality service on a transmission you need to call "ELITE TRANSMISSIONS" they have a wonderful team of professionals who work day in and out to make sure the customers cars are taken care of and fixed properly. I own 'JOHNSON FAMILY MORTUARY" in FT.WORTH,TX. and all my Funeral vehicles are brought here for service. I want to thank "DERRICK' for being a great mechanic and business man who explain every detail about my cars. I’m DONDRE' JOHNSON and I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!!!!


June 26, 2013

Elite transmissions are the BEST !! I had a major problem with my BMW X5. Within three months and between TWO other auto shops, my truck was still not running, I was overcharged, my warranty had been denied, and in addition parts were missing from my truck. While searching the internet for another transmission shop I found Elite Transmissions. I called and spoke to Derrick, I explained my horrific problem. Not only did he take time to hear my dilemma, but was ready to help and fix my truck. The very next morning my truck was being repaired at ELITE TRANSMISSIONS, and a week later I was back to driving my truck and it ran great. ELITE TRANSMISSION fixed my truck right away, they were able to solve my warranty issue, and did not overcharge me. I am truly happy with the service I received from ELITE TRANSMISSIONS. ELITE TRANSMISSION ARE THE BEST AND BETTER THAN THE REST! Take it from me a woman who kept getting taken by not so honest auto shops!

Shunga Wright

December 07, 2012

I went to Debra once before and they were very polite and professional. My truck transmission went out and we got another quote before I remembered them. We took it over there and her words said that they were not trying to rip us off that they were good people. We went back there and the manager there said all kinds of rude stuff about them so I called Debra and they came and got my truck and it runs awesome. They are very good people and honest. I will recommend all my friends and family to them for everything.. Thank you all at Elite Transmissions for the great job you did. Dawn Rodriguez

Dawn Rodriguez

July 06, 2012

I was referred by Lewis Automotive in Grand Prairie. He said I could expect expert help and he was right. I was very pleased with my visit and their service.

Eldon Armstrong

June 07, 2012

Loved the Service we started to experience problems with our transmission but did not know what was going on with it. They said to just bring the car in and they would check it out and see what the deal was. when they figured out what the problem was they let us know and were very honest in their assesment and said they could fix it when we agreed to have it fixed they had the car done within a day and the car was running great after that, they were upfront and honest they didnt try and sale you anything in the process they just wanted to fix the problem! Amazing service i will use them every time!!!


Jan 16, 2012

I love this place! They rebuilt my transmission in June and the clutch went out in January. they gave me a warranty on it so they replace it and UPGRADED it at absolutely no cost to me! I would recommend Elite to anyone!!!!

Lindsay stacks

Jan 09, 2012

I was looking for a family owned business and this is it! I went expecting I needed a new transmission, which at this time was "very bad timing" and instead I needed a wheel bearing. Not only did they give me GREAT! deal they were the same price as if i would of did it myself! I recommend them and I hope you will consider going.

Danielle N

Nov 04, 2011

I just recently took my 2001 Tundra to Elite for transmission repairs. They were Professional and courteous. Did a great job.Yes i would recommend them to a friend. Thank You Elite for being honest and doing a good, timely, and professional job.

Mark Wolf

Aug 09, 2011

They were excellent. They towed my car from a place that was charging me double what i paid here. Debra made me feel like my car was in good hand, and everything was going to be OK. She got my warranty company to approve most of the cost! I love this place! I would recommend it to everyone!

Lindsay Stacks

Jun 2, 2011

If you are reading this post then listen up. My 2002 Dodge Ram has close to 80,000 miles on it and started slipping and shifting poorly. I called Elite Transmissions and talked to Debbie. She talked me into bringing my truck in for some diagnostic tests. She called me about an hour or so later and explained that I had some electrical parts on the valve body that were not functioning properly. She told me it would cost around $300.00 to fix my truck. Being the Skeptic that I am, I picked up my truck and took it to 3 other shops. All of them told me I needed my Transmission Rebuilt at a cost ranging from $1,500 to over $2,000 and was told any electrical parts needed would be an additional cost. Understandably, I went back to Elite and had them do the work. Just as I was told, they repaired my truck by replacing the governor sensor and solenoid. Total Cost for repair, ($296.08) They really are honest. This review is the least I could do, Thanks.

Robert Stine

I am sixty-nine years old and have been to many auto repair businesses in that time. Never was I treated better, the price was far less than expected and Mike came and picked me up when the truck was ready to go. Thank You, D.E. Wolf

D.E. Wolf

Feb 10, 2011

Thank you Elite Transmissions.! A++++ Service... My VW Jetta is running like new again. I don’t understand why other repair shops can't be as honest and comfortable to work with. Customer for Life. Terry

Terry Welch

I was referred to Elite by a friend who promised me that they would be honest and not try to sell me a hog.....it turns out that she was right. Not only were they honest but they went out of their way to be fair with me. I will recommend Elite Transmissions to anyone who will listen.

Mike Bingham

I was referred to Elite Transmission by a co-worker. My car had been jerking and not shifting right for a couple of weeks and the check engine light was on. I had taken my car to two other transmission shops who told me that my transmission needed to be rebuilt for the cost of around $2200.00. When I arrived at Elite, Deborah and Mike were very helpful, they gave me a ride to work while they checked my car at no charge. Deborah called me just a short time later and let me know that my car needed a speed sensor, they were able to fix my car for under $300.00, Deborah and Mike are very honest and were God sent. They have my business in the future, and I will recommend them to everyone.

Mary Beth Fertono

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